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Pocket Empires Online 5.0.0

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Current Version:
Requires Android: 1.6 and up
Category: Casual
v5.0.0 update:
Add 3rd faction support, the update will be activated at 9am EST, April 13th Overview:
Welcome to PE, the ultimate ONLINE WAR GAME (MMO) on Android.
-Over 10 unique structures to build up city
-Over 30 different creatures to be recruited or captured
-Over 40 techs & 50 items to enhance your power
-Epic faction wars
-Time based system, check your game casually
3rd faction update contents:
1 The new faction will be the same as Evil King.
2. When a player hits Emperor rank, he will be awarded the emperor pack which contains an item called “Demon Contract”. All existing emperors will be given the same item when they login.
Homeland forts will have to be abandoned before the switch.
3 A player can bring ALL his built cities (up to 13 cities) to the warzone. These cities won’t be able to join the war..
4 All Strongholds will be worth 300,000 warzone points (600,000 in middle sectors)
5 Move orders are not usable in the warzone
6 You cannot switch faction in 6 months after joining the 3rd faction.
7. Monsters can be farmed in warzone..
8. Players can keep all wz forts when joining the faction, and this faction has no access to either homeland
9. 3rd faction players can access both channels, with a different font (italics and bold)
10. Warzone forts will be automatically abandoned to the faction if the owner hasn’t been active for over 30 days.